17 | 04 | 2015

Top web design April 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.10.59 pm

We don't usually publish these sorts of 'lists' but then thought. Why Not? So, here are some rather lovely sites that are currently out there on the interwebs, 'lovely' in both design and functionality. Hey, if it doesn't work or is confusing its rubbish, right? Oh, and normally we don't go for the 'agency' websites, since they have the right to create anything they...

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31 | 03 | 2015

Responsive web design


In 2015, it is almost unimaginable to build a website that isn't responsive. Responsive web design is so common and developed these days, that when designers say 'web design' they automatically mean 'responsive web design.' So, if you are willing to invest money into your brand new website, you may also think about building a responsive website.     What is Responsive Web Design? Before mentioning...

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18 | 03 | 2015

Designery goodness I feel like showing you.


This a a collection of designed images, text, word play, digital art, photography, sculpture and other bits and pieces I enjoy so thought Id throw a bunch of it you way. Because its Wednesday.  

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25 | 09 | 2012

Inspiration and all that jazz


We here at Geeza busy ourselves with designing lovely websites, print campaigns and other goodies such as branding, illustration and of course web development. Not the easiest of jobs really, always trying to find inspiration from other creatives and at the same time keeping it fresh and valid in terms of the client and their needs and requirements in the market place....

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23 | 09 | 2012

Car Next Door


OK people, new upcoming business called Car Next Door is about to launch. Innovative and very smart concept of renting out your car that may be sitting doing nothing for most of the week. Let them take care of your insurance, vet all renters, whilst you earn cash (they estimate you’ll earn between $2,000-$10,000 per year). Brilliant! And if you need a...

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