& deliver.

We love what we do. And we love our clients. By combining the two we have been able to successfully create solutions for some of Australia’s biggest brands.

With a vast knowledge of smart usability, appealing creative direction and pride in our transparency with our clients, geeza has been able to maintain highly positive outcomes for whatever challenge is thrown at us.

From print campaigns, corporate branding and promotional design through to online usability and creative direction, the team behind geeza will see that your goals are met.

So get in contact and let’s do this!

Creative Director:


Geeza’s founder and leader is Stuart. Unlike other creative types, he has no beard, refuses to ride a ‘fixie’ and will not wear ironic apparel. And yet he loves design, clever usability and the smell of ink in the morning.

Digital Producer:


Without Charlie driving the projects, Stuart would either be in a gutter somewhere or found sobbing into his beer. Charlie boasts a vast knowledge base on all things digital and perhaps fashion trends, although the latter is to be questioned.

Office Pest:


Squeaker sits in the corner licking his ‘parts’, emits paint stripper odours frequently and is generally seen as a pest. He does not play well with baristas or ‘No’ voters.


The geeza process

The Briefing Session:

Where we learn what it is you are after, why you need it and what expectations you have.

  • Competitor Research & Analysis
  • Brand Research
  • User Experience recommendations (digital)
  • High Level Architecture (digital)
The Creative Process:

We then run off to our design cave to explore the pathways towards a creative solution.

  • Brand Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Conceptual Layouts
  • Wireframing and User Experience (digital)
  • Print Consultation (print)
The Final Phase:

Our uber nerds and print gimps then work their magic to ensure ‘pixel / ink perfect’ outcomes through a variety of Content Management Solutions and prepress presentations.

  • Front End Development (digital)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (digital)
  • CMS Training (digital)
  • Print Management (print)
  • Service and Delivery (print)

Some of our clients