26 | 02 | 2015

Vacuum sealed goodness


Haruhiko "Photographer Hal" Kawaguchi is a Tokyo based photographer and dare I say it, sculptor. His work is quite simply amazing and frightening at the same time. Oh, and it make me laugh alot too. With shots taking up tot 2 hours to complete, and his models sometimes finding it hard to cope after 10 minutes, 'Hal' has managed to capture 'true love'...

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06 | 06 | 2014



Shay Aaron from Israel creates miniature versions of my favourite dishes. Its quite simply amazing and mind boggling. And they're made with Fimo. Better than my efforts...  

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15 | 04 | 2013

Willy Verginer


Love this guy's work. Dont know too much about his background since I cant read french. But he's brilliant. Just go have a look for god's sake. Take a Look...

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15 | 04 | 2013

Modernist Sand Castles


So we've all seen those amazing sand castles or dragons and gods and fruit salad (?). But then Calvin Seibert came along one day, spent the day at the beach and created these pieces. Stunning and beautiful, they erupt from the sand like structured growth, a hidden city bursting out of the natural landscape.        

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