15 | 04 | 2015

Roger Ballen


Roger started out taking photos of South Africa's countryside during his days of working as a Geologist. Soon enough he realised there was something more unique and beautiful within the walls of the small shanty towns that are scattered across the landscape. He then moved his work into the outskirts of Johannesburg, capturing the lives of the social outcasts that inhabit these...

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25 | 03 | 2015

Sea Photos


Yes, sounds a little dull doesn't it. O wait, photos of the ocean. Yeah, still sounds pretty dull. But then an Australian photographer by the name of Ray Collins comes along and just seems to capture them just right. Frozen in time, like huge mountains of rock about to collapse onto the world beneath them. Absolutely breathtaking photos, mesmerizing and powerful, truly quite...

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18 | 03 | 2015

Designery goodness I feel like showing you.


This a a collection of designed images, text, word play, digital art, photography, sculpture and other bits and pieces I enjoy so thought Id throw a bunch of it you way. Because its Wednesday.  

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26 | 02 | 2015

Tiny Hands


I know not why or ... why. I just know that it makes me smile. And the fact that this person has spent the time to create all these images for our pleasure just makes it all the more worth while. Bless them, and bless tiny hands. "one tiny step for hands, one giant leap for mankind. '   See more here, its really quite...

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26 | 02 | 2015

Vacuum sealed goodness


Haruhiko "Photographer Hal" Kawaguchi is a Tokyo based photographer and dare I say it, sculptor. His work is quite simply amazing and frightening at the same time. Oh, and it make me laugh alot too. With shots taking up tot 2 hours to complete, and his models sometimes finding it hard to cope after 10 minutes, 'Hal' has managed to capture 'true love'...

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