03 | 03 | 2015

Lazer Tits


Ah, thought Id grab something a little NSFW. Well, sort of. And if the boss doesn't like it then quit your job and find a boss with a sense of humour. There, I said it. Go    

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02 | 03 | 2015

Pictures That I Gone And Done


Have been following this person around for a while now, seems that they may be slightly insane and perfectly acceptable. On Facebook they title themselves as 'Simpsons pictures that I gone and done', and also have an online store. Im not sure if they have been published anywhere but they should be. Bordering on the absurd, and reminding me of David Shrigley, whoever is behind this piece of...

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26 | 02 | 2015

Liar Town USA


There are currently 40,000,0000,00m,0 0 000 00 0 0  tumblr blogs out there. Most if not all are rubbish. But then you stumble upon gems like this one. Sean Tejaratchi is a designery guy who obviously has alot of time and one hilarious brain and spends this said time on making up odd book covers, film screens, posters and other assorted goodies. It...

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06 | 06 | 2014



Shay Aaron from Israel creates miniature versions of my favourite dishes. Its quite simply amazing and mind boggling. And they're made with Fimo. Better than my efforts...  

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05 | 06 | 2014

Crowd Sourced Porn site ad concepts


Porn Hub decided to let the public create some concepts for an ad campaign they wanted to run. Some were brilliant, others not so. And the winner gets a job as their creative director. Im not sure what that means.  

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