03 | 03 | 2015

Lazer Tits


Ah, thought Id grab something a little NSFW. Well, sort of. And if the boss doesn't like it then quit your job and find a boss with a sense of humour. There, I said it. Go    

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06 | 06 | 2014



Shay Aaron from Israel creates miniature versions of my favourite dishes. Its quite simply amazing and mind boggling. And they're made with Fimo. Better than my efforts...  

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05 | 06 | 2014

Funny Postits…


Ben Warheit doodles alot. On post it notes. And he's very funny.  

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05 | 06 | 2014

Best Beards….


OK, we're all a little sick of them. 'Hipsters' have killed the beard for many who sport one. And now someone has decided to do something which should have been done a long time ago....  

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