11 | 03 | 2015



So these two good guys used xboxes to capture the dance movements of a woman in a studio. Using cameras to record the a series of steps to capture and transform that data then into some 3D rendering software which in turn spat out this glorious thing. Or something. What am I? A scientist? Created by Maria Takeuchi with Frederico Phillips, using Shiho Tanaka...

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10 | 09 | 2012



I was introduced to a game the other day called LIMBO. Created by a game developer called Playdead, this game is what some have described as 'Video Games as Art'. I'm not a huge computer game fan, but this particular game had me glued to the screen. The game is presented in black and white tones, having an almost film noir feel...

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07 | 09 | 2012

This isn’t happiness


There are Tumblr blogs...and there are Tumblr blogs. This one is the best. With a mix of dark poems, cruel cartoons and tongue-in-cheek witticism, this Tumblr blog captures every mood so very well. I'd like to know who is behind it all, apart from the fact his name is Pete Nidzgorski, living in 'Hell, CA'.   Go have a look, its most excellent.

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28 | 08 | 2012

Compressed movies


Using specialised software, compressing whole movies into squished barcode-like imagery has never been easier. Ever. I tried it once but ended up with a 4.2km long photoshop file which meant i had to buy an industrial grade monitor which also meant i had to extend my living room to accommodate. Then the computer crashed. This file is still quite large and will probably ruin the blog layout, but...

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