05 | 06 | 2014

animated buildings


Axel de Stampa decided to create animated and fun editions of famous architectural landmarks. Love this stuff.  

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25 | 09 | 2012

Inspiration and all that jazz


We here at Geeza busy ourselves with designing lovely websites, print campaigns and other goodies such as branding, illustration and of course web development. Not the easiest of jobs really, always trying to find inspiration from other creatives and at the same time keeping it fresh and valid in terms of the client and their needs and requirements in the market place....

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11 | 09 | 2012

ecommerce checkout 2012


Ecommerce sites have moved forward incredibly quickly in the past few years, having grown and simplified to the point where the process is smart, friendly and accountable. Of the top 100 ecommerce sites out there (in terms of revenue) here is a breakdown on the finding of the checkout process and what users are experiencing: The average checkout process consist of 5.08 steps. 24% require account...

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10 | 09 | 2012



I was introduced to a game the other day called LIMBO. Created by a game developer called Playdead, this game is what some have described as 'Video Games as Art'. I'm not a huge computer game fan, but this particular game had me glued to the screen. The game is presented in black and white tones, having an almost film noir feel...

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30 | 08 | 2012



Creative types are now starting to impress purely through the presentation of their resumes. This can either scare off a prospective employer, or blow their pants off. Either way, I believe its a lot more fascinating than a word doc. larger size here:

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